Fighting for All Bikers’ Rights



Placeholder  ImageThe North Carolina Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (NCCOMC) represents patch-holder clubs in North Carolina united to fight discrimination against their lifestyle, mode of transportation, and dress.  Together with similar Confederations in nearly every state of the union, the NCCOMC uses every legal means possible under state and federal law to protect their rights as freedom loving citizens.


It should be clear to everyone that we are losing our freedoms.  New laws are in place or are being proposed that restrict our very lifestyle.  Those who choose to live a lifestyle different than society’s “norm" are even more heavily restricted. Such groups not only suffer more intense legislative pressure, but are often singled out for tougher judicial penalties and law enforcement scrutiny.  NCCOMC members stand together in a united effort to protect the rights of all motorcyclists. Since it's inception, the NCCOMC has vigorously fought against discrimination against bikers using every legal tool available. 


While there are similar confederations in nearly every states, the NCCOMC sets its own structure, methods of operation, and goals. NCCOMC is a member of the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) along with many MROs, clubs and other associations.  NCCOMC representatives gather annually with those of other confederation from around the country at a national NCOM convention, and quarterly at regional meetings, to get to know each other and share what is going on in their respective areas.  This has resulted in an effective network of communication and even stronger unity between all the freedom fighters across the country and around the world. 


The principal focus of the North Carolina Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs is on biker discrimination.  In some areas, businesses have refused to allow colors to be worn in their establishments. Likewise, law enforcement authorities have sometimes treated patch holders in particular and all motorcyclists in general, more severely than other citizens.  The NCCOMC considers such acts to be discriminatory and will use every legal means possible to stop such practices.  To achieve this goal, NCCOMC member clubs gather regularly to discuss incidents that have occurred to members of participating clubs.  The facts are laid out and discussed, and if it seems appropriate, a vote is taken as to whether to pursue the matter, even through the courts if necessary.


At NCCOMC meetings, clubs are also advised as to how to appropriately talk to proprietors and police officers, and how and when to file complaint forms.  The legal approach is stressed as the only method appropriate to any situation.  NCCOMC’s attorney – Robert “RAD” Donat – is present at every NCCOMC meeting to provide advice and guidance.  Also at NCCOMC meetings, member clubs get the latest information about legislation at the national, state, and local level affecting their rights and freedoms.  Individual club business is NEVER discussed at NCCOMC meetings, only issues of discrimination common to all bikers. The requests for help from motorcyclist rights organizations (MROs) and others who fight on the front lines for the rights of motorcyclists, legislatively and judicially, are considered and voted upon at these meetings as well.


As you can see, the goals of our Confederation here in North Carolina are very simple.  We are united and dedicated to legally fight against any assault on our freedom to choose our lifestyle, whether by law enforcement authorities, insurance companies, local business owners, and any other special interest group. We pursue our goals legally, through the courts if necessary; and in cooperation with and support of MROs and any other organization fighting for the rights of motorcyclists.


The North Carolina Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs seeks the support of every patch-holder club in North Carolina.  Meetings are held every other month.  Join us in fighting for our rights.  For more information contact any of the member clubs or Co-Chair John “Bomb” Baucom at ridersinrecovery@aol.com". You may also contact our attorney, Robert “Rad” Donat at DonatLaw@aol.com or by telephone toll free at 877-DONATLAW.