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Being a part of this confederation means being a part of the bigger picture, It means understanding that we are a part of something much bigger than any one person or club. The North Carolina Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (NCCOMC) unites M/C’s, M/M’s, and R/C’s for one common goal. That goal is to fight for the rights of all patch holding individuals and clubs alike. It also brings us together and makes us a stronger unit so that we may support each others events. If you feel that is something you and your club wants to be a part of contact any one of us below.


Greg “Weave” Weaver                                   704-763-4836

John “Bomb” Baucom


Robert “Rad” Donat                     877-DONATLAW

Webmaster                               Oscar “BamBam” Iglesias                 704-201-2999