The Waco Texas Incident

The North Carolina Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (“NCCOMC”€ť) is deeply concerned by and deplores the recent events in Waco, Texas. We ask that everyone reserve judgment until all the facts come out, which will take time.

The NCCOMC is dedicated to peacefully and legally promoting and protecting our Constitutional rights, promoting the fair treatment of its members, educating members on current laws, and supporting various charitable endeavors. NCCOMC€’s focus is on discrimination against ALL bikers, with the legal approach being stressed as the ONLY appropriate method to redress such wrongs. The NCCOMC attorney is present at every Confederation meeting to provide advice and guidance on how to LEGALLY and most effectively deal with discrimination against bikers. At NCCOMC meetings member clubs also get the latest information about legislation at the national, state, and local level affecting their rights and freedoms. Individual motorcycle club business is NEVER discussed at Confederation meetings.


The membership of the North Carolina Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs includes biker clubs of all types including traditional MC’s, riding clubs, Christian motorcycle ministries, clean & sober club, motorcycle rights organizations, long-haul truckers, military and veterans clubs, among others. We are united and dedicated to fight for the rights of ALL bikers. We pursue our goals legally, including through the courts if necessary. We work in cooperation with and in support of multiple motorcycle rights organizations. We fight discrimination against the biker way of life in whatever form it takes, and by whoever does the discriminating.